I am here and there.
I am everywhere.
But yet nowhere.
I am lost in the light.
I am found in the night.
On my way to an unknown destination.
Life only goes through the procrastination.
So I say let’s get lost together.
As you are the sun.
And I am the moon.
I cannot shine without you.
And reflecting light is what I do.
As light is something
I can’t produce.
We gave away our faces,
And our souls were lulled to sleep.
Now we are reflections,
Of everything we see.
We are opposite souls,
Yet we both waited impatiently.
For the rare days when,
we might coexist peacefully.


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  1. “Now we are reflections,
    Of everything we see.”

    Words can’t express how much I love this.. I actually cried! Love your poetry Salina! I’m always excited when you write something new! xxx

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