Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Today, I am here to share another book review.

As you may all know, I’ve been trying to read a lot more during this summer. This book in particular, I found very interesting. Why do I say that? That’s because before I starting reading this book I was skimming through other people’s thoughts on this book and they said that this book is similar to The Lovely Bones (aka cute Indian guy in love with Susie Salmon) and even though I may not disagree, I also don’t agree. Does that make sense?

The Bones of You is about an eighteen year old girl named Rosie, or Rosanna, who got murdered and as she is dying, dark secrets from her family and memories flash before her eyes which we get to read though. I personally find that kind of writing difficult (not that I’ve written any book myself) because it’s hard to keep the reader as equally interested in both the present and past. I think Debbie has done a really great job putting that through. I felt every emotion and the way things are described gave me a better picture on what Rosie was seeing.
This book is written from the perspective of a married woman named Kate as Rosie trusted her the most and felt the most comfortable around. With Della in danger (Rosie’s sister), Rosie struggles to find a way to tell her little sister that Kate can be trusted, and that she needs to act quickly before she could be the next victim.

My favorite part from this book is:

“Not seeing the tears in Amy’s beautiful green eyes as she walks away.
It’s when I learn how fragile hearts are. That they can only break so many times. That living, breathing cells that hold them together turn to cold, dead scar tissue, that can’t feel. That isn’t able to love.”

This chapter got me real hard for some reason. If you plan on reading this book, you will know why. It’s different from The Lovely Bones. Although, yes, the plot is kinda the same. Kinda. But it’s different. My rating for this book is a 4.5/5 which is again pretty solid. The whole story itself was so well written and the ending almost brought me into tears. I would recommend this book to those who are interested in action/thriller or murder related stories. You won’t regret reading it, really. I didn’t. I finished it within 4 days! Anyhow, I will start off by posting more regularly in a couple of days. So I will see you then!

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P.s – I know this post was a little short but don’t worry, I am working on more blog posts for you guys!