Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.

I know I haven’t been writing since quite a while now, even though I was so excited about the new month. However, with studies interrupting my path and other such events, it’s been tough to write, especially when I have a lot on mind but could not have the spare time to do something about it.

Life moves in a complicated motion; it does not wait for you, for anyone at all. I kept telling myself that I will do certain tasks but I always ended up pushing it forward to ‘another day’. I’ve had soccer sessions, so much school work to cover as I step upon the last two years of high school, and other boring stuff that got in between my path. However, I have learnt a lot from these busy days.

I am happy. It’s such a simple statement but took me so long to master the meaning behind it. What I’ve learnt is that in order to be led towards happiness, you first need to take the walk in the hall of sadness. I always took sadness as a very negative emotion which is not true. Sometimes, sadness makes you think about your life. You open the heavy gates of your life and you think about stuff. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t mean to say that you should stay sad and overthink everything. I mean that if you have something that’s bothering you, just let yourself feel it for a while and ask yourself or your close friend on how you can switch the light on in the situation. If you are not comfortable with doing that then you should take a piece of paper and write whatever that’s bothering you, even if it sounds very weird, it truly helps. It can be an insecurity, a fear, whatever it is, and find a way to turn the tables.

When it boils down to it, life is just a constant wave of feeling super happy, carrying all these plates and balancing it all at once. Suddenly, when sadness strikes, and all those plates come crashing down. I believe that in life you have two freedom of choices: to let live rule you or you rule life.

Much love,


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