Five year old child watching her parents, watching them fight.
She’s over shook by the scream she hears during the night.
Mommy is yelling because of his lies.
There he stood trying to prove his rightful vise.
Oh mother, who will give me a goodnight kiss?
Because you should know that all I need is a little bliss.
She’s nine and she’s still listening to her mother cry. It’s the worst kind of pain.
And so she sits outside her window, letting herself drain.
Fourteen now and she starts to feel hopeless.
And sadly enough, nobody notices.
How should I survive this? This life that’s so dark.
If I die, will there be a mark?
And at school, she hears the laughter echoing in the halls.
The sadness from within her crawls.
But still she soldiered on putting on that brave face.
Although, all she wants is to be embraced.
Sometimes she thinks that she was born in a fight.
Daddy pays for all the expenses,
Mommy fulfills the tummy senses.
But still, life’s equally hard,
Because she feels that she is living with a cook and a credit card.
Parents having their heads wrapped in their own world.
Maybe they forgot about her little girl.
Growing up, living a quarrel.
Sometimes, she doesn’t remember the moral.
The moral of the sadness.
The moral of the pain.
The moral of everything.
A hole grew deep in her soul.
Hearts turning as dark as coal.
So afraid to get her voice heard.
Instead, she lets her thoughts get shirred.
She’s fed up now.
She thinks it’s her time to take a bow.
But before she ends her show,
She needs some words to throw.
‘In the end of the day, I’m human too.
No matter how hard I try to stand up, I always lose.
You ask why I say this?
It’s because people say that things go worse before it gets better but now I think it’s just a philosophy.
Maybe I’ve woken up by the true reality.
You don’t always agree with my wants and needs,
Is it because I act reluctantly?
I’m sorry but I can’t be like you standing confidently like a tree.
Instead, I’m forming up like a scree.
But dear mother and father,
All I’m asking you is to remember me.’



  1. Sad Sad Sad text… that exactly relate how parents tend to forget about their children when things get worst… and, even if parents weren’t shouting, children can always feel all the tense and pain from within the walls. That’s awful 🙁 . Really liked reading how you related this.

    Bliss, Vettae from So Velvet

    1. Yeah exactly, you’re totally right. Children have very mild hearts so things like these tend to get to them easily. :/ It is awful but sadly, it still happens.
      Thank you so much Vettae! <3 I'm glad you could relate. 🙂