We all have those days when you feel very down and you’re in need to recharge. Well, yes, it’s been one of those days for me.
That’s why I have decided to have a ‘detox’ from social media. We all need a break from it because at some point, when it’s too much for you to handle, you need to take a step back and give yourself a chance to breathe.
Instead of sticking your nose in a phone, put your head up and look around. Notice all the things you have in front of your eyes but fail to see it.
I had my ‘digial detox’ on the 6th of October. For the past week, it has been too much for me and I felt like it would be a good desicion. Yes I know, some people who are reading this would be rolling their eyes, thinking that it doesn’t make sense at all or I am just crazy talking.
Trust me, it does help. A LOT!
I have learnt that life has its own beauty to it, buried deep under the surface of the earth, hidden in its peak. It’s up to us to choose whether we want to see it or not.
If you are wanting to try something different, let me tell you what I have done in my 24 hours.

1. Appreciate The Things That You Have:
Just like I talked about in my previous post, I said that you should live in the present and not the past or future. I will not go in detail over here but if you want to check it out, you should.
I started off my day by waking up at 6 o’clock, getting fresh, and making breakfast.
As you people may or may not know, I LOVE green tea! Most of my friends who are reading this would probably be so annoyed with me right now!
So, I sat outside with my warm cup of green tea, watching the sunrise. Appreciating that I am alive, healthy, and enjoying myself.
Usually when I would be having breakfast, I’d check my social media apps at the same time. Stepping out from the house without checking it felt weird but it wasn’t so bad.

2. Eating Healthy:
Okay, this just sounds completely weird when it comes to a digital detox but when you will eat healthy, you will feel good. I don’t mean that you have to eat every single thing healthy but maybe just a fruit or vegetable that you enjoy eating. For me, they are bell peppers. Green and red ones are my favorite!
So I had some of those and I immediately felt much better, not to mention the french fries I had later on in the day..

3. Getting In Touch With Nature:
Now, what’s a digital detox without going outside and taking your mind off things?
I went to the famous park in my area where there’s a very open space for you to walk around. I brought my camera with me too so that I can take pictures of things I observe.
As I walked and took pictures, I could hear the crows cawing, the sparrows singing and the grasshoppers chirping. The smell of wet grass and crispy leaves had its own peaceful scent. The cold breeze struck me, going through my pores, making my face and body chilly. At that moment, it was just my soul feeling the different sensations that I have failed to let in.

4. Pamper Up:
I don’t even think I have to do this in debt because it’s quite self explanatory. It’s the best way to recharge and having time for yourself. Yes, of course, this whole post is about having time for yourself but this specifically is the one that’s going to keep you going. Feeling good on the outside makes you feel good from the inside, that’s what I think. You’ll feel confident about yourself.
After I had come from the park, I went to take a warm shower. I also think it’s a great way of relaxing. If you have a bath, you should go for that for sure. If not, a shower will do.
Just take all the time you need for yourself. Groom yourself. Take care of your hair, your skin, and maybe even put on a face mask.

5. Bed Time:
This is when you’re in an urge to check your phone. But it’s only a few more hours to go. I usually sleep late because I like to read at that time as it’s more quiet.
I did all the things that people usually do before sleeping. Like I brushed my teeth, washed my face, brushed out my hair, etc.
Later on, I made myself another cup of green tea, adding a little bit of cinnamon to add more spice to it. I took a book and then before I even knew it, time was up for me!

Overall, I had so much fun doing this. It was totally worth it. I definitely recommend everyone doing this if they think they are in a need to recharge. Or even if you are not in a need to, you still should. Maybe you will learn something more different than whatever I have learnt.
Before I close this topic, I just wanted to remind everyone that it is okay to be sad sometimes or feeling unstable. We are all human beings with hearts and feelings.
I personally do not like to share my feelings with people. If you are like me, instead of feeling hopeless, try to do something on your own. Just like I did my detox. I can promise you that you will feel better.
And if you ever feel like you don’t have a hand to reach out to, know that I am here. I am just a message away.
Much love,