This year has probably been one of the worse years of my life; and yet one of the best as well. From each bad experience and memory carries a golden one. I have suffered the worse kind of pain anyone could imagine and still have been faced with the most rare kind of happiness. I have lost precious people in my life but I consider myself lucky to have gained a couple more. This year has been full of surprises. I never knew that going through things you never thought you’d go through will only take you places you never thought you’d get to. There are so many things I have learnt this year but there’s one thing I’d like to mention specifically because it has played a major role in 2017.

Acceptance – it has taken me years to master and understand what it meant to accept situations. To accept the position I’m in and that it gets better. Until you heal your wounds of your past, you are going to bleed miserably. And bleed if you must. You can bandage the bleeding with all the distractions but eventually, it will ooze through and stain your life. The hardest part is to open up the wounds and pull out the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories and make peace with them. But in the end, it’s all worth it. I do not have anything specific planned this year. I have no goal but one – to be better than yesterday. I will continue to hold on to that and let it lead the way for me.

We are now living in the year of 2018. It still seems so far away to me, so surreal, and weird to say. I just want to take a moment to appreciate all the support I’ve gotten personally and especially with my blog. It’s crazy how you can create anything you want truly for your own satisfaction and watch people admire it. These types of things is something that I won’t and never will take for granted. I have gotten immense support which has led me to move forward, giving me purpose.

And to close off my little speech, I hope you all have had a wonderful year and continue to make the most out of 2018. Be good to others, work hard, know your limits, be around people who make you feel better, do something different and creative, be unique, and most importantly, love yourself with all your might. Let’s all make 2018 a year full of positive energy.

Much love,


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