Just one decision. One little decision, and it can change how you feel about the world.
Having started my blog since October, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. It makes you happy, you know? I mean like knowing that people from all across the world is reading your blog. Amazing, right? Well I haven’t posted for around two months. No personal reason but all I can say, I was blank. I came to realize a lot of things and what I really wanted to do with this blog I created.
I wanted to help. Help people. And help those who are suffering; even if it’s something as small as not wanting to do your homework because I realized how much happier I feel when I’m helping others. It makes you feel good about yourself. Like you’re doing something great for others. One person can change everything. So let’s pass on the trend of happiness and helping others, even strangers.
Now my point is if you don’t get what I’m trying to say, is changing my style of writing. I wanted to go a little personal and in some way, others who are reading my blog can relate to it and maybe just feel a little bit better.
Let me get something out of the way: I’m not a professional. I’m not Dr. Phil. But I can try to help in every form I can based on what I know and what I’ve experienced.
What you should expect from me in the future is this. Also, I will continue to write about books (of course) and I will post photos of my photography too.
Long story short, I’m going towards a new direction. A new path. And I sincerely hope you all can come along and walk this path with me.
Much love,


  1. I understand exactly what you mean because I went through the same thing and that’s when I decided to start my blog. Someone once told me that changing some parts of your main goal, doesn’t mean that you lose your purpose. It helped me alot really. And I’m with you, all the way!

    1. I am beyond grateful to know that someone understands and it feels so great. I read a few blog posts of yours and honestly, it was amazing, not even kidding. Your poetry is absolutely stunning and I really hope that one day, your work becomes known because you truly deserve it. Also, I’m glad you met that person. Some of my friends motivated me into having a change. Very thankful to know that you’re by my side! <3 πŸ˜€