My name is Salina. The girl behind the blog.
They say that time changes us – that it makes us wiser and brings out whatever you thought you couldn’t do. Well it’s the same in my case. I’ve never been much of a writer until I found myself at my worse. As I fought my way out, something got attached to me and I suddenly had a great desire to write. That’s how The Life of Salina (since 2016) was created. Sounds a bit cheesy, eh?
I’m a huge freedom chaser and I believe that you should always do what you CAN’T. This is my blog where I will write all about it; my life containing the ups and downs and also where you can find some inspiration which you have lost or yet to find.
I am not a professional who can help you with every problem that you have I’ll tell you that. I am not Dr. Phil nor Oprah but I believe that only YOU can help yourself and to help you meet that, I can help you take your first step.
So I hope you do have an idea of what you can expect from my writing in the future. If not then don’t worry cause I am not sure myself, haha! What I do know is that I will have some little life talks, poetry, books recommendation, etc. Also, I will also be posting my photography and capture what I love.
This is it for now. I sincerely hope you can all come along and walk this path with me as well as get to know each other.
Much love,