Hey everyone! Long time no…umm…see? Scratch that you know what I mean! I know it’s been a while and I told you guys I would try to post TWICE a week but it’s been more a month now. I am terribly sorry for that. Things have been so all over the place and I never got around on writing. But I have been trying to come up with new ideas. Now you must all be thinking, “What does your title mean?” (or not). Well I decided to try this new thing where I will post everyday for this week, giving you a sort of ‘detox’ as you may call it. School is getting nearer; well there’s still around a week or two so don’t worry guys I don’t wanna freak you out but in a way, this detox could beΒ a good way to start fresh and get you going for school. Even if you don’t go to school and you’re a grown up (first off, damn I thank you for reading my blog), this will work for you! But before we get into this any further, you need to try to do those things okay? Alright cool we are in the same page now (hopefully).

So how did I get this idea? Honestly, I don’t even know just call me a genius. Just kidding, sorry for annoying you so much. Wait wait! There’s just one more thing I need to tell you: I am not trying to act all big here talking as if I’m a professional but from as many people I have tried helping, it seemed to have worked out and my purpose here is to try and do that too. That’s how I got the idea of writing this.

We will start from finding inner peace, to knowing the difference between what we want and need, eating healthy, grooming yourself, yada yada… I don’t want to spoil the surprise now so you need to wait until tomorrow! Okay let’s try to be serious here. I have tried doing these for a while now and trust me when I say this, it worked really well, if you’reΒ focused on accomplishing this and you will have a happier life. You get to choose how you want your life to be. In which direction you want it to lead. Do yourself a big favor and just go for it. Life is just too damn short. Choose to be happy!

Much love,




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